Security Sector Planning and Justice Coordination Expert Mogadishu

Posted by Ministry of Security and DDR Private Nugal
  • Company: Ministry of Security and DDR
  • Experience: 5 - 10 yers
  • Studies: Master
  • Category: Security
  • Contract: Temporary
  • Salary: Undefined
SummaryThe Ministry of Security and DDR, Puntland State of Somalia, is looking for a security sector strategic planner with a relevant legal background who will support the Security Section of the Ministry in terms of strategic policy development and implementation and coordination between the security ad justice sectors with specific reference to security-related pressing issues.The selected candidate will be required to balance direct support with transfer of skills and knowledge to the staff of the MoS&DDR. Capacity-development is a key component of this assignment and it will be taken in high consideration in evaluating the achievement of the outcomes of the assignment. In all matters related to the assignment, the diaspora expert will report to the Director General, nominated Supervisor of the Ministry, and the IOM/MIDA project officer in Garowe.BackgroundAbout MIDA: Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA) is a capacity-development Programme, which assists to mobilize competencies acquired by African nationals abroad for the benefit of their countries of origin. MIDA seeks to convert brain-drain across Africa, after the loss of educated and talented individuals, into brain-gain through brain-circulation and transfer of skills and knowledge. In Somalia, IOM/MIDA has been working with Somali authorities in all three regions to build the capacities of their institutions since 2008 in Somaliland and Puntland and since 2009 in South Central Somalia. ‘Strengthening Institutions through Diaspora Assistance’ (SIDA-MIDA): SIDA-MIDA is an IOM initiative funded by the Government of Sweden that aims to facilitate the transfer of skills, competencies and knowledge of qualified Somali expatriates to specific institutions within Somalia.The beneficiary institution will host the qualified Somali expatriate, and will be responsible to provide a safe and secure work environment. SIDA-MIDA will monitor the expatriate while in assignment.After carefully looking at the priorities of the Somalia and Somaliland Governments, SIDA-MIDA will target three key sectors, namely: Health, Public Finance Management (PFM), and Justice. The development of these sectors is central to do the stabilization efforts of Somalia. Basing on the three key sectors, MIDA will recruit Somali diaspora subject matter experts for a period of three years to do institutional capacity-building.To make sure the next generation of Somalis is involved in the development of their home country, IOM will also pair Somali young graduates from Somali universities with the subject matter experts. The Somali youth will be placed at internship positions at the relevant institutionsTargetsActivities / Key Results Expected: The selected candidate will:• Conduct an initial gap analysis of current capacity and needs of the Security Section of the Ministry of Security and DDR and provide a list of cost-effective recommendations in training, capacity building, and equipment which will be embedded in the Work Plan of the assignment;• Identify and formalize (in the Work Plan) the specific team within the beneficiary institution the diaspora expert will work with and train during the whole period of assignment, in collaboration with the designed Supervisor of the institution;• Plan, organize and implement capacity-development activities by transferring skills to the local colleagues within the Ministry through training sections, workshops, joint completion of the tasks and other capacity-development schemes;• Measure the results of the transfer of skills activities by organizing post-training evaluation tests for the staff of the institution and the interns;• Develop a strategic and operational plan for the Security Section of the Ministry;• Support the finalization and endorsement of the Puntland Second Five-Year Development Plan (2-FYDP) and provide advice and coordination for the implementation of the Security sector components of the Plan;• Strengthen the dialogue between the Ministry and the local communities at district and regional level, raising awareness and mediating interests on community-based security issues;• Train community leaders on security issues;• Develop a participative community policy for the Ministry;• Provide strategic support to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to strengthen coordination between the CID and the Attorney General’s Office for law enforcement;• Provide strategic coordination for the smooth implementation of Ministry’s justice sector-related tasks;• Mentor young Somali graduated interns during the whole period of the assignment. The interns will work side-by-side with the diaspora expert and will assist him/her during the daily implementation of the assignment;• Develop a TOR for the interns and submit them to the Ministry and IOM for endorsement after the first month of assignment.IV. Target Outputs (Measurable Results):• Trainings for local staff and interns planned, organized and implemented at least once per month. At least three Training of Trainers (ToTs) sections provided during the one-year assignment;• At least four post-training evaluation tests for the staff of the institution and the interns organized during the whole assignment period (one every three months of assignment);• Maximum two interns mentored and involved in the daily implementation of the assignment;• TORs for the mentored interns submitted after the first month of assignment;• Security sector components of the Puntland Second Five-Year Development Plan (2-FYDP) implemented;• Strategic and operational plan for the Security Section of the Ministry developed;• Community leaders at district and regional level involved, sensitized and trained on community policy development;• Participative community policy for the Ministry developed;• Strategic coordination between the Criminal Investigation Department and the Attorney General’s Office on law enforcement propelled.RequirementsIn order to fulfill their contractual requirements, and to facilitate payments, participants will have to deliver the following results in a timely manner. These are standard requirements for all assignments undertaken through this project: 1. Transfer of skills: One of the main responsibilities of the Somali diaspora participant, and one which he/she will be measured against, will be to ensure continuous and systematic transfer of knowledge and skills as related to the assignment. It will have to be agreed with the beneficiary institution whose staff will have to benefit from these skills transfer schemes. A capacity-development strategy will be develop and embedded by the participants in their Work Plans. It will outline their capacity development approach, including landmark trainings and candidates for mentoring.2. Work plan: A work plan will have to be developed with the Supervisor during the first month of assignment, which will provide clear and time bound activities to successfully implement the outputs of the assignment. This work plan will be shared with the institution and IOM. This work plan can be revised during the first three months of assignment to reflect new developments or changes in strategy.3. Interim and Final Reports: Quarterly progress reports will be submitted by the diaspora expert to the Supervisor and to IOM. Thereafter a final report will be provided at the end of assignment; it will contain a specific exit strategy section.QualificationsLevel of Education: Post graduate degree (Master/PHD) Area of Study: Law; Public policies; Organizational Development; Development Studies or a related discipline.Years of work experience in what area(s): • At least five years of relevant professional experience in the public security sector in post-conflict settings; • Knowledge of the security and justice sectors in Puntland; • Demonstrated professional practice in security capacity assessments and analysis; • Knowledge of government processes, national strategies, national plans for security; • Knowledge and experience on the issue of security institutions capacity and capacity development; • Knowledge of government policies in relation to security reform strategies and practices; • Evidence of a capacity strategy developed during the last five years; • Experience in the use of participatory appraisal techniques in data collection and community-based development.Languages needed: Fluency in Somali and English is essential.General Skills / Other Requirements: • Familiarity with Somali context and culture and willingness to travel throughout Somalia; • Skilled trainer and ability to produce quality training materials; Ability to mentor staff and facilitate learning by doing; • Good leadership and supervisory skills; • Ability to coordinate and deliver multiple assignments and meeting deadlines; • Ability to diplomatically handle sensitive situations and cultivate productive relationships; • Personal commitment, efficiency and flexibility; excellent interpersonal skills; and ability to work under pressure; • Ability to coordinate with different Somali and international stakeholders involved in the area of interest.Eligibility: Legal residency or nationality in a country outside of Somalia and right-of-return to that country of residence/nationality on completion of the assignment.SalaryUnder the direction of the IOM/MIDA and in consultation with the beneficiary institution, it has been determined that the salary level for this position will be defined based on the qualifications and experience of the selected candidate according to the standard IOM/MIDA Somalia salary scale.SecurityHealth insurance, including evacuation due to medical emergency, will be provided by the project. However, experts will be requested to provide a recent medical certificate stating that they are physically well and apt to work in a hardship area in Africa. Please note that IOM, according to the contract, will not be responsible for the security of the qualified Somali expatriates. The host beneficiary institution will be responsible for the security of the individual. Before leaving the country of residence and upon arrival in Nairobi, first, and in Somalia, later, the qualified Somali expatriate will receive a pre-assignment briefing including security advice and cultural background.
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