Hydro-geological/Geophysical Survey Consultant Mogadishu

  • Experience: 2 - 5 years
  • Studies: Undefined
  • Category: Engineering - Manufacturing - Industrial
  • Contract: Undefined
  • Salary: Undefined
SURVEY APPROACHES REQUIREDThe hydro-geological/geophysical investigations wil be caried out in a multi-step aproach:a) Desk study: Review of existing data, topographical maps, satelite images, existingstudies and borehole site investigations in the area, geological reports and maps (ifavailable), borehole and surface water records, etc.b) Hydro-geological fieldwork: Detailed reconaisance survey of project area. (GPS co- ordinates/P-codes, water level measurements, conditon of these boreholes, usage andperformance where aplicable) inspection of geological, geo-morphological andstructural characteristics of the investigated area; verifcation of existing data and findings.c) Geophysical measurements: resistivity/IP profilng and vertical electrical/IP soundings.d) Analysis of hydro-geological/geophysical data.e) Compilation, analysis, and evaluation of the gathered data and information.f) Site selection and reporting.BOREHOLE SITING: GEOPHYSICAL & HYDRO-GEOLOGICAL SURVEYS.The borehole shal be sited with the aid of combined a hydro-geological and geophysical survey.Prior to the field investigations, a desk study shal be made of the available relevant informationon hydrogeology, climate, existing water sources, driling records and other sources for the proposed area.The field investigations MUST be undertaken by a senior hydro-geologist, asisted by highly qualifed hydro-geologists. The senior hydro-geologist wil be responsible for planing, execution and interpretation of al geophysical data, reporting and selection of the most suitable site for driling.The site for selected development shal be marked with a concrete marker, shown in a picture plate and indicated on a sketch map to be included in the final report. The report wil review the existing literature and other relevant information, such as driling logs, satelite images, etc. The report shal include al field data, interpretations and justifcations,Islamic Relief Somalia/IOR for hydro geologist 2014hydro-geological evaluations, conclusions and recommendations relating to the investigated area. In aditon, apropriate maps, diagrams and data plots shal be presented. Of considerable importance wil be an objective asesment of the aplicabilty and suces of the methods aplied.REPORTINGThe final report to be submited to Islamic Relief Worldwide through Somalia program to thecountry director and be projected and be shared the report in either at Mogadishu, Hargeisa,Garowe or in Nairobi which is found apropriate by the managements.The consultant is required to present the final draft report with IRW Senior management andupon agrement with amendments the same wil be done with representatives of thegovernment, key ministries, partners,UN ,SWALIM and respective community leadersThe outline table of contents of the final report wil be as folows:  Introduction, review of previous studies and environmental background Geology and hydrogeology (incl. Inventory of boreholes and other water points)  Methods of investigations, including Geophysical Techniques Detailed resistivity/IP survey (Wener & VES) to delineate the productive aquifer  Aquifer potential; sustainable yield & Water quality Proposed driling site Proposed driling method, and its aplicabilty Environmental impact and protection Conclusion and recommendations Social analysis of the beneficiaries including gender analysis Recommends sustainabilty of the project including exit strategyRecommendations wil be given on the most suitable site for borehole driling, the requireddepth, water quality, design and instalation details, and other relevant aspects. Based on theavailable hydro-geological and geophysical data, an asesment of the anticipated chances ofsuces shal be made for each individual site.The hydro-geological report wil give a detailed map delineating the investigated area, geology,aquifer properties (where known), location of measurements, and recommended driling site. Inaditon, pictures taken during the actual field activity shal be included in the report. Al geophysical data, including its interpretation wil be produced as an apendix to the final report.REQUIREMENTS NEEDED FOR BIDDINGThe Consultant is required to provide the folowing1. Technical proposal on how the asignment wil be conductedIslamic Relief Somalia/IOR for hydro geologist 20142. Apropriate timelines to perform the asignment3. Financial proposal indicating the cost rates and other charges aplicable.4. CVs of the lead Consultant who should have minimum of 10 years of work experience inHydrogeology/Borehole driling/ground water prospecting activites preferably inSomaliand and Puntland5. CVs of other asisting hydro-geologists6. Proven field technical and field experience of Consultant(atach recent hydrogeologicalreporthat you ever done)7. Consultancies performed in the last 3 years especialy in Puntland/Somaliand withreference leters for each hydro-geological surveys consultancy8. Prof of availabilty of al the equipments required to perform the survey.9. Availabilty to perform the asignment at he earliest posible time.10. The consultant is wiling to take and work within the existing insecure context of somalia1. The consultant must have the abilty to employ the neded tols, equipment’s andmanpower to acomplish the task within the agred time frame.
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