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1. BACKGROUNDDue to a long lasting conflict spaning over two decades and coupled with recurent naturaldisasters, Somalia is a country that remains in complex emergency with near colapse of the healthcare system. In response to this the IRC Somalia program has ben providing primary healthcarethrough four health facilties in Mogadishu, Banadir egion and one facilty in Mudug region, sinceearly 2012. These facilties include Karan, Korsan, Arif and African vilage facilties located inKaran, Wadajir, Hawl-Wadag and Hodan districts respectively within Banadir egion; and El Dibirclinic in Hobyo district, Mudug region. Karan and Arif clinics are implemented through the Ministryof Health (MoH); African vilage clinic is run in colaboration with a local partner- WARDI Relief andInternational Services; while IRC is directly implementing services in Korsan clinic. In 2013, the IRCtok over part of the clinical services of the outpatient department and reproductive health unit ofGalkacyo South Hospital in Mudug region. Services provided in these health facilties includeoutpatient consultations for under fives and adults; reproductive health services encompasing basicemergency obstetric and neonatal care as wel as child healthcare including provision ofimmunization services.A team of community health workers (CHWs) is afilated with each facilty. These CHWs areresponsible for the community health component hat involves: (i) health education on selectedhealth topics to pregnant and lactating women and caretakers of under five children; (i) referal ofsick children and pregnant women to the health facilties; (i) folow up of women and children athome, particularly the severely sick children, post natal women and children, and dropouts fromnutriton, vacination and ANC programs; (iv) colecting relevant health information from thecommunity level; and (v) suporting facilty based care in various ways. The community healthcomponent is central to the suces of IRC’s health programs.The IRC’s health care response is funded on an anual basis by grants from Stichting Vluchteling(SV), the Ofice for Foreign Disaster Asistance (OFDA) and UNFPA in colaboration with the MoH aspart of the Joint Health and Nutriton Program (JHNP). Colectively, the health program serves123,681 beneficiaries, including 42,36 internaly displaced population (IDP). Of the total number ofbeneficiaries, 64, 80 are from Mudug region, including 3,60 IDPs while 58,81 are from Banadirregion, including 38,76 IDPs.Clinic reports and supervisory visits to IRC health facilties (by the health manager, healthcordinator and headquarter based technical advisor) indicate continuing improvement in theservice outputs and coverage. However, except ocasional informal consultations with clients, theirsatisfaction with services was never examined. Similarly, although program reports indicate thatmore and more beneficiaries are being reached with health education mesages, efectivenes ofthe community health component in terms of improvement in health related and health sekingbehaviors was never asesed. Given the maturity of the health program and also the specifcinterest of one of the IRC donors, we now sek the service of a consultant or consulting firm toases these specifc aspects of IRC health program, identify critcal bariers and makerecommendations for further improvement.2. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVESThe consultant/consulting firm is expected to: Ases knowledge, atitude and practice (KAP) of program beneficiaries by designing andconducting a survey and taking into acounthe entire set of health education mesages that arepromoted by community health workers.  Identify critical bariers to improving knowledge, atitude and practice of program beneficiaries bydesigning and conducting FGDs (focus group discusions) – one or more FGDs in the catchment areaof each of the five health facilties (except Galkacyo South Hospital in Mudug region) taking intoacounthe entire set of health education mesages that are promoted by community healthworkers.  Ases client satisfaction with services provided at IRC health facilties and solicit clientrecommendations for relevant programmatic improvement by designing and conducting exitinterviews – exit interview of at least en clients in each of the five facilties (except Galkacyo SouthHospital in Mudug region).  Based on the findings of above asesments, make programmatic recommendations for furtherimprovement of the community health care component and clinic operation.3. SPECIFIC TASKS:The consultant/consulting firm is responsible for the folowing:1. Take lead role in the entire asesment. 2. Study relevant program documents and reports3. Develop detailed asesment methodology, including sample size and sampling methodology inconsultation with IRC epidemiologist, based in the health unit in New York4. Design and field test asesment ols in consultation with IRC epidemiologist, based in thehealth unit in New York5. Train enumerators and interviewers.6. Conduct asesment, ensuring quality of data.7. Perform data analysis8. Consult staf, program partners and beneficiary groups, as apropriate to interpret findings andformulate programmatic recommendations9. Present findings and programmatic recommendations to health team and country managementteam10. Prepare and submit asesment report along with al information/data colected for and duringthis consultancy.4. DELIVERABLES:Final report of the evaluation of a maximum of 60 pages, including the executive summary butexcluding anexes. The detailed report emplate should at least include:  Executive summary of no more than two pages  Overview of the context  Organization and program background Evaluation methodology  Evidence-based conclusions on the evaluation objectives, as outlined above Lesons learnt  Anexes, including among others the Terms of Reference for the evaluation as wel as a listsquestions used during interviews  PT presentation for debrief meting5. TIME TABLE:  The consultant wil submit a survey protocol that clearly defines the methodologies for samplingand the survey instruments in the first wek folowing signing the contract. Final drafts of thesurvey tols wil be anexed to the protocol.  Training of data colectors and survey supervisors wil take place folowing signing the contract.  The actual data colection wil start within a wek folowing signing the contract – and datacolection wil be done in 10 days  5 calendar days wil be given for data entry and coding.  7 calendar days wil be provided for data analysis and writng the first draft of the report.  Based on agred methodologies, the consultant wil submit the first draft report within 25 daysof the date of signing the contract and is expected to finalize the task within five (5) weks ofsigning of the contract.  The consultant wil update IRC’s Health Cordinator (HC) and Deputy Director of Programs (DDP)on the progres of the work on a wekly basis, based on the urgency of the mater morefrequent metings and updating may be sought.  The final document shal be prepared and submited within one-wek’s time of receipt offedbacks from IRC’s HC and DDP. 6. MINIMUM CRITERIA FOR SUBMISION OF PROPOSAL FOR BIDThe consultant is expected to demonstrate that it has a track record of no les than five (5) years ofexperience executing similar surveys in a developing country set-up with diverse geographic andethnic/clan compositons. The consultant should also list he scale of similar projects worked on inthe past.The consultant is expected to display:  High sensitvity to conflict-afected setings and diversity isues;  God interpersonal, administrative and management skils;  High level of experience in research methods, data colection, analysis and report writng.Al Biders are required to met he folowing minimum requirements in order to qualify forsubmision of their proposal. Previous experience in similar surveys: aplicants for bid must have experience in conductingsurveys for community based health projects, preferably in an IDP and host community setupand of similar or biger magnitude.  Capabilty of the study Team–Team member(s) shal have public health profesionals,sociologists/social workers and psychologists with a minimum of MPH/MA/MSW Degre toundertake the proposed study, along with relevant experience Atachment of al suportive documents with the technical proposal is required Knowledge of the project area and knowledge of the local anguage (s) wil be considered a plus.7. PREPARATION OF THE TECHNICAL PROPOSALYour proposal should include the folowing at minimum.  A brief introduction of biding consultant or person ataching relevant CVs  Your understanding of the Terms of Reference Proposed methodology and aproach Proposed work plan and budget  Your availabiltyWhile preparing the Proposal, aplying consultants must give atention to the folowing:  The proposed study team members must, at minimum, have qualifcations and experienceindicated above (section 8)  The technical proposal shal provide a description of the consultant including an outline ofthe consultant’s recent experience on similar undertakings  Provide the profile of each of the study team members including an outline of the members’recent experience & duration of involvement on asignments of work of similar nature A summary compositon of the study team and the task to be asigned to each member withthe duration.8. PREPARATION OF FINANCIAL PROPOSALThe financial proposal should list itemized details of costs asociated with the study.Should expres al proposed costs in American Dolar (USD).9. CONTRACTUAL ISUES, PROCEDURES AND LOGISTICS The IRC and the evaluator/consultant wil enter into a contract highlighting the terms andconditons of the consultancy including payment modes – based on the agred fe rates  The evaluator’s travel costs (to and from – Nairobi and within Somalia) as wel asacommodation while in Somalia wil be provided by IRC The evaluation team must comply with The IRC rules and procedures related to security andrelations with the media The evaluation team must respect he ethics related to evaluation practice While working in the field, the evaluation team wil find ofice space in the ofices of The IRC Logistics, movement and security would be provided and organized by The IRC team10. OTHERSThe consultant wil work closely with IRC’s Deputy Director for Programs and Health Cordinatorand liaise with the MoH in both Banadir and Mudug regions.Al relevant documents should be submited to the IRC Somalia Country Ofice in Nairobi uponcompletion of tasks both in hard and soft versions. These documents include the inception reportthat focuses on the schedule of the field survey and data analysis and final report submision; thesurvey protocol with focus on the methodology of sampling and data colection; tols for datacolection and analysis details.
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